“I have worked professionally with Vince Tecce since 1994. During that time, I have had the opportunity to recommend Vince’s home inspection services time and time again. All of my clients have been very complimentary about his performance and professionalism.

I have been present for several of Vince’s inspections including my own home as well as homes which Vince inspected for clients whom I represented in litigation. His inspections are professional, informative and accurate. Because potential buyers are usually nervous about the inspection process, Vince usually provides a handwritten “field report” which covers items which should be addressed during the purchase process. He then follows-up with a complete report a day or two later. I have found this to be very helpful where deadlines are an issue.

We all know that any time we recommend another professional, we put our own reputation on the line. I have always considered that being able to refer Vince Tecce has strengthened my reputation as a real estate attorney. I encourage you, without reservation, to do the same.”

Mark C. R.

“I use Vince Tecce (Building Inspector of America) for all my clients, myself and recommend him to my friends and family members because he is thorough, reliable and knowledgeable; traits difficult to find in a home inspector. His fees are reasonable, his reports are excellent and you know that he is looking out for the client’s best interests. Plus, he is respectful to the Seller’s home, which the homeowner appreciates.”

Law Offices of Brandon R. W.

“Thanks for completing the report so fast. Great Job!”


“Great service! Thanks very much!”

Anne S.

“Thank you so much for the timeliness of your report. I have received it and have successfully opened all four documents.

The information in the report is very helpful and easy to understand.

I am happy to work with you, and I am glad you where recommended by both my agent and my attorney. I am grateful for your professionalism.”

Diana Lee G.

“Thank you for all of your kind attention to detail! Your professionalism is greatly, greatly appreciated….”

Charles A.

“Thanks again for the home inspection the other day…you did a great job and I appreciate the quick turnaround report.”


“It has been a learning experience for my husband and I. You have really taught us a lot in the short time of the home inspection. You’re really a teacher at heart. You’ve been our one true advocate in the home buying experience. Thanks for your time and patience.”

John and Jennifer M.

“Thank you. It was a pleasure meeting you and we were very pleased with your services. Thank also for the promptness of this report!!”


“It was very nice meeting you yesterday! I was very happy with your quality, cleanness and professionalism. Thank you for getting the report back so quickly.”

Diane H

“Thank you so much. It is always a pleasure to work with you. It’s nice to know I can rely on you to get the job done.”

R.E. Agent

“Thank you again for your time Saturday afternoon. It was a pleasure working with you and we fell confident we chose the right inspector for our new home. The report looks good.

Thank you for your hard work! I feel very confident in your services and will recommend you.”

Jaclynne H.

“Hi Vince. Thanks so much for getting both reports to us so quickly –we really appreciate it. They were extremely helpful.
This is the first time Steve and I went through the inspection process, and you made it very simple and easy to understand!”

Jeanean & Steve J.

“Thank you so very much for this quick and impressive response. Your thoroughness and report made it possible for us to make an informed and confident decision about the property you inspected. Your candor, expertise and clear recommendations were both professional and easy to follow. We appreciate all you did for us.”

Dave J.

“Wow this report looks great. Thank you so much.”

Ben M.

“Vince, it was nice to meet you. Thanks for this very thorough and quick inspection and report. We appreciate it!”

Jerri & Larry H.

“Thank you Vince everything is very clear and precise.”

Edward C.

“Thank you for your prompt response wit the report Vince. It was a pleasure working with you.”

Bryan W.

“Thanks Vince, this is great. Thanks for a thorough, honest inspection. As first-time home buyers, it’s good to know what we’re getting into.”

Drew S.

Vince Tecce - A Dedicated Professional Home Inspector

"Once you decide on your occupation... you must immerse yourself in your work. You have to fall in love with your work. Never complain about your job. You must dedicate your life to mastering your skill. That's the secret of success... " - Jiro Ono